/ 5/6/2018

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/ 4/6/2018

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/ 2/22/2018

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/ 5/24/2017

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/ 3/1/2017

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We have rolled up our sleeves to make "Turkish Towel" global reference brand.

/ 2/6/2017

Denizli Exporters Union and Markam we have rolled up our sleeves to make "Turkish Towel" globally reference brand.   At the press conference held in Denizli, Güven Borca said, "We are as M... Details >>

/ 1/27/2017

Our client Taç, which leads home textile market in Turkey. Taç created new collection "Youth Fashion" last year. To give answer brands creativity, innovation, to make peoples life easi... Details >>

/ 9/22/2016

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Crown your style

/ 4/14/2016

"Dreams start from where you sleep. Imagine and change. Crown your style."   As a brand consultant of leading home textile brand Taç; we created "Youth Fashion" concept which offers dyna... Details >>
AND will make a difference with Build-Give life philosophy

/ 4/4/2016

Now there is a real estate company which say “Build-Give life” substituted for “ Build-Sell out”: AND Real Estate Investments. Markam creates new brand strategies for AND and i... Details >>
Lezita for everyone

/ 1/21/2015

As Markam Brand Consultancy, we supported Lezita which is a chicken meat producer in Turkey, to create a new brand architecture, brand relavence differantiation, brand strategies and brand concept. &... Details >>
Peros TV commercial on air in Iraq

/ 2/17/2015

In general all the Turkish brands in Iraq, they use dubbing and desktop technique solutions for their advertising campaigns. This situation for our client Peros is different. We built communication st... Details >>
Prozinc Fresh for airless hair

/ 2/3/2015

Markam developed various new product ideas for Prozinc which is a brand of Dermotek. Into these ideas, the company chose Prozinc Fresh to develop.   Prozinc Fresh shampoo formula helps the itch... Details >>
Markam Video

/ 8/2/2013

Watch how Markam, Turkeys leading Brand Consultant, adds value to your brand, click the link:... Details >>